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ETHRION| H eco πλευρά μας

Our eco aspect characterizes both our lives, as businessmen and as people. We like the eco- friendly philosophy, so we make sure that we practice these ecological sensitivities through a similar policy and offer services.

After our recent renovation, completed in the summer of 2015, the ecological systems used enable the functions of hotels and accommodation, while making it the most pleasant and economic!

We don’t waste water!

Water is valuable and especially for Cyclades and Greek islands in their majority. In Syros water is considered as an industrial product, produced by desalination plant.

So that’s why we collect rain water and place it in an underground tank that exists in our space since the building was built. We also use our well to exploit and water pump cisterns, our machines and courtyards. Activities that would otherwise consume much more cubic metres of water!

Our water in Syros is not drinkable and for that we always offer a bottle of mineral water on arrival and during the accomondation, while informing about our guests.

We use LED lamps

he hospitality sector is one of the areas with the largest margin of power saving, but also one of those with the greatest waste. LED lamps, we use, help to save energy, while creating a relaxing atmosphere at our place and eventually becoming a unique experience for the guests..

We have Smart, Energy Devices

All our devices are energy, Class A! We note that the energy rating reports the performance of each device in relation to the quality of energy consumed during operation.

We also heat the water by means of solar panels, so there is always hot water for an enjoyable, relaxing bath! Even our air condition system is automatic and when you open the room window they close so not to spend energy.

You can contribute too!

If you want to help in our eco project, of course you can! How?

  • Keep your room in good and clean condition, along of course with our required participation.
  • Every time you use our eco devices, avoid unnecessary consumption of water in the bathroom and shut the power system when leaving the room.
  • If you believe that your towels do not need changing, do not leave them on the floor. So we will have fewer detergents in our seas!

So you just enjoy your accommodation in an eco- friendly room of ETHRION hotel and we make sure that you have a great time while protecting our big, natural “home”!


We guarantee you that the prices you will find in our website are the LOWEST that can be found on the internet. Thank you for booking directly with us!

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